IRIDE bottle

bottiglia con bicchiere/bottle with glasses

La bottiglia Iride è in vetro borosilicato lavorato a mano.
Ogni bottiglia è unica e caratterizzata da un’estrema trasparenza. Il tappo funge anche da bicchiere.

The Iride bottle in borosilicate glass, is handmade by master glassmakers. Each piece is unique and is characterized by extreme transparency. The cap can be used as a glass. The “Iride” bottle exploits the phenomenon of light refraction and play with the bottom color transporting it to the surface.


Product details
dimensions – Ø8 x H23 cm
dimensions glass – Ø7 x H4,5 cm
materials – vetro borosilicato/borosilicate glass
colors – verde, arancione/green, orange